Creating a Life you Love

A Life-Changing Journey to Happiness and Fulfillment — your personal ROAD MAP to creating the life YOU want. Led by members of our senior teaching staff, THE LIFESTYLE COURSE is a journey of self-discovery to find your Inner truth, strength, and light.

We begin by asking

  • What if we came with an instruction manual for deep wisdom about our soul’s nature, our inner truth and our purpose on this earth?

  • What if we could discover customized strategies and useful techniques for finding love, achieving career success and self healing?

  • What if we could examine and understand our inner world, our strengths and limiting behaviors and the root causes of how and why we get stuck in our lives?

  • What if we could find ways to shift, move forward and achieve true physical, mental and spiritual health and happiness?

The course takes you into a study of the 7 Creative Planets and how they influence our health, career, love relationships and happiness. You’ll discover your personal vibration and look closely at the challenges, habits and patterns that are holding you back and how to harness the tools of NAAM — breath, movement, meditation, sound therapy and hand postures to help you shift and transform to secure enduring love, light and success across all aspects of your life.

Along the way, you’ll develop a daily meditation practice, understand the healing power of breath and learn practical tips and tools to improve your timing and communication in your personal and professional life.



Dates coming soon!


$600 paid-in-full or 

$650 payable in two installments (includes all course elements, student materials)