The Best Part Is Giving Back What Naam Taught Me - Michele's Story

Since my training as a Shakti Naam teacher I have had the great opportunity to share
Naam with so many people. It has changed my life in ways that words cannot describe.
The practice brings me great joy, peace and happiness within myself like I have never
experienced before in this life. This sense of connection with the Divine and an
indescribable feeling of love when I chant the mantras. It brings great joy teaching and
sharing the spiritual wisdom of this practice with students as well. Many of my students
report back that they feel happy, uplifted and simply joyful. I truly feel like the spiritual
wisdom of this practice is raising the consciousness of humanity one person at a time!
Thank you Naam family and especially Dr. Levry for his spiritual wisdom, love and gifts
of spirit that he has shared with the world! I'm so grateful!

lauren harvey