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Sukshma Vyayama 3 Day Intensive

Sukshma Vyayama Intensive: With Renata and Alyssa

This intensive is designed to instill commitment and discipline while having the full experience of the 2 hour practice of the ancient combination of Sukshma Vyayama.


  • Strengthens the subtle body known as Sukshma Sharira.

  • Peace, balance and one pointedness is induced by this method which in turn brings about harmony in the physical body.

  • Enhances relaxation and awareness.

  • Harmonizes and revitalizes the body

  • Improves the function of the internal organs.

  • Fortifies the the muscles and skeletal system.

This is a 3- day intensive. This is a commitment to your health and you will feel the benefits in many ways. All fitness levels are welcome!

Class size is limited and pre-registration is required.

3-Day Pack: $150
2-Day Pack : $120

Single Class: $65

Later Event: September 26
Community is Immunity with Jara Milman